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Herbal Medicines: From Seeds to Products

Conference Sub-Themes

  1. Mainstreaming Herbal Medicines into the National Healthcare System: Prospects and Challenges.
  2. Herbal Medicines in Practice: Research and Education in Perspective.
  3. Adoption of Herbal Medicines in the Management of Tropical Diseases.
  4. Promoting Maternal and Child Health through Herbal Medicine Intervention.
  5. Adopting good Agricultural Practice in the Cultivation of Medicinal Plants.

Publication Opportunities: High quality papers presented during the conference will be considered and accepted for publication in the special issues of any of the following Journals, subject to payment of review and publication fees:

  1. Nigerian Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences
  2. Nigerian Journal of Scientific Research
  3. Nigerian Journal of Natural Products and Medicine (Ife)
  4. Nigerian Journal of Phytomedicine and Therapeutics (NIPRD)
  5. Tropical Journal of Natural Products and Research (UniBen)
  6. ChemClass Journal (A Publication of Chemistry Department, ABU Zaria)

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